Can you find ME?

Yes, I’m in there. They are my family.
My father, mother, and sister in laws, Smokey ( not with us anymore), Christina, Jack, Bill, me and our dog Max. Did you find me yet?
I made this 2000. I read the article of MS Living magazine November 2000 issue. The good things. I remember taking a lot of Polaroid pictures (no digital camera back then) and a lot of trips to the copy shop. It took me a while to make it but it was worth it. I loved olden days Martha Stewart. I think I started watching her shows in 1997.
I still have copies of her Christmas Specials on tape. Back then it was full of goodies. I loved to watch her TV shows in the morning. I always found at least one thing from her magazine and made it every month. Pillows, embroidery, key hooks, baby jacket, cooking, collecting…..etc. I was so happy when they started selling her good things at Kmart. I think all my Christmas presents were from Kmart that year. I’m still a great fan of Martha. I think she used to say learn something new everyday! That is great advice anyone should follow.


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