Country Living Fair

Well we just got back from the Country Living Fair in Morrow, Ohio.

It was fun with one big exception. IT WAS CROWDED! Not only with people at the fair but traffic was a standstill too. I would have never believed so many people would attend a craft fair in the country.

They not only had people selling their crafts but also demonstrations and even some music. One thing that was interesting to me was how many Etsy seller’s creations that were for sale. Actually one seller was not an Etsy seller. They said they bought items from 30 different artists and were selling them at the fair. When I walked by one booth, I noticed items from rikrak's awesome bibs, Soapylove's Nilla Sammie Soapsicles and many other things.

Overall I’m glad I got to experience a country wide fair for the
First time.

Did I mention it was crowded?


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