My son and husband had a bit of “mini” adventure last Saturday. The local airport was offering airplane rides in their small planes. My son has become very interested in aviation lately so this was a great chance for him to experience what it was like. This was his first time flying so we didn’t really know if he would like it. I think he really had a great time. The pilot let my son fly the airplane for awhile. It was a short flight just around the area but I think it was long enough for my son to be hooked. He was pleased to find out he could actually learn to fly while he was still 15 and then take his solo flight when he was 16. I think he may have chosen an expensive hobby.

I would have liked to go. However, I don’t think my acrophobia will really let me go up. I had trouble with a lighthouse!! How do you think I could handle a small airplane at 2,500 feet in the air?

It still makes you feel good to see your kids really show interest in something like flying. If he wants to get his license in the future, I think he needs a part time job.


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