New Toy

I never told anyone about this even to my dear sister.
Ok. promise not to laugh!
I ACCIDENTLY washed my husband's iPod.
It was an accident. I didn't know it was in his pants pocket.
He got his first iPod from my sister for his 40th Birthday. I know I felt terrible. That's why I couldn't tell my sister. I guess she will know now.
My husband said "I don't think it was the washer, I think it was the dryer that KILLED it"
So this morning we went down to Apple store and he got his brand new iPod. When we got to the parking lot, I think he just skipped to the store. I just couldn't keep up with him. He was just too excited.
We got to play with all the new gadgets at the store while we were there. I loved the iPhone. OOOH I SO LOVE IT!
First I couldn't figure it out how to use it. Guess who did? Christina! She just did a couple things and it worked. We had fun. I asked an assistant if I could take a picture. He said sure and he posed for me. Anyway, I managed to took a picture of my Etsy shop on iPhone.

I think my husband will be pretty busy for a while playing with his new toy if I don't wash it again. Maybe next time I will get an iPhone.


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