Last few days

It has been wonderful last few days. Halloween was very fun. I got to finish Christina's outfit . It took me a while but I'm glad I finished it before the trick or treating. She pinned all the patterns on the fabrics and cut out some of the fabrics for me too. Christina was an excellent helper. A lot of people thought she was Christina Aguilera not Hannah Montana as she wanted to be but she had a lot fun getting candies from the neighbors.

I received this gorgeous bracelets from Beautifulthings yesterday. I got it from her shop last week and it's finally here. I just love it. I was spending too much time looking at the each dolls face. They are so cute. I'm not really sure how she can make a such perfect chains like these. It's just amazing! This is the most beautiful bracelet I ever had. If you haven't been to her shop, you better hurry. You don't know what you are missing. Thank you Paivi!


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