Christmas Project

Honestly I started making these Santas last year when I read an article in a MS kids magazine about how to make a plush toys from your kid's drawings. I thought it will be an wonderful idea if I can make Santa Clause for Christmas. I made my husband , jack and Christina to sit down and drew the Santa Clause for me. It was kind a fun to see how they did turned out.

I made some reindeer from Christina's drawing too. I kind a like them a lot. It's funny they all look defferent depend where to put their eyes and noses. Everyone has their own personality.

I hope I can finish them before this Christmas. I'm still not sure how will I display them. I thought about just hang them on the wall but I think It won't work. I might put them all in one piece of fabric and make a sort of wall hanging quilt.
Now I now why I didn't finish them last year. I still don't know how to display them.
Any great ideas? A little HELP will be a very nice....... Please.


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