by letter

Today Christina was writing a letter to her best friend Shelby. Even though she lives just around a corner. They like to send each other a post once in awhile.
I remember writing a letter to my family and friends at least once a week .
I love getting letters by mail. You read the envelope and find out where it's came from and get excited. You open the envelope carefully and read it like a little kid at the story time.
I love that feeling. Don't get me wrong. I love emails too - actually any kind of mail will make me a happy gal. But there is something about the hand written letter. It gets into your skin and you feel all warm and giggly inside.
I love to read old letters too. Some are silly, some are serious, some are very lovely and some are sad..... I like to look back and see how other's lives has been changed since then.

I'm glad everyone is doing better than ever. Honestly I don't get to write that often anymore like I used too. Hey, No News is good News right?
I'm going to write a letter to my friend tonight.

Poketto's lovely Bear Cub stationery is the perfect thing for me right now.
Thank you Marnie!


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