Last week I went to a local nursery. I've never been there before. I drove by many times but I never had a chance to go inside. It was bigger than it looks from the road. It was huge. They had all kinds of decorations, wreath, trees, plants etc. I finally found the display of bulbs at the corner of the store. I think there are at least 30 diffrent kind of bulbs . I looked around and found one that looks pretty on the picture and it says good for forcing. So I grabbed three nice size bulbs and put them in the bag like they suggested and wrote down the price and quantity. Then something weird thing happen. I felt itch on my neck and my cheek. I thought it was nothing at first but it was getting worse. I couldn't stop scratching and rubbing my neck and cheek. I hurried to the register and paid for it and got it the car and looked in the rear view mirror but I didn't see anything. It was weird. It was so itchy. I finally got home and ran to the bathroom and washed my face and hands. It went away after I got home.

I still don't know what it was. All I can think was that I touched all the bulbs to check them out at the nursery. Anyway, After all the weird thing then I realize that I forgot to write down the name of the flowers. I'm afraid to go back. I guess it will be a mystery until they bloom.


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