Have you ever had a kind of urge to change things around the house? I think I got that bug. I feel like I need to change our bedroom bedding. I would love to make a huge Hawaiian quilt but I don't think I can ever make one. But for now I found these wonderful + beautiful + simple looks from Magazines. What do you think?
I love this pink girlly look but I don't think It won't be fair for my husband to look at them everyday.
I love this patriot feels. Red, white and blue. Over stuffed linen pillow on the foot is the must.
Don't you agree?
How about this country look. It make me feel relaxed just looking at it. It's not perfect match but it give you the comfort feeling in the country back porch.

Oh yes♥ This is what I want.
Simple + comfort . No fancy pillows to put away at night. Just what I want. I just hope I can find all the fabrics to match.


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