christmas ?

Is it Christmas season already and don't know it? It feels that way.
It has been an awesome week .
I didn't realize how many people all over the world care about us. Wonderful people who I never met in face to face. Yet, they are with us in ours hearts. If someone told me when I first started Etsy back in 2006 that I'll have wonderful people who will care for me and my family,
I wouldn't have believed it at all.
Etsy has been a beautiful friendship tool for me for last few years.
It's over whelming how many people are there for us through Etsy.
Thank you so much everyone. I'm speechless.

Thank you Paivi for an inspiring summer package for our family.

Meena said hi :-)

Thanks Charlene for a bundle of Goodies for Christina all the way from Singapore.

Lovely Michelle, Thank you for this cute wooden box for Christina. You are so sweet !

She said she will keep her " Star Burst Candy" :-)

Last but not least, Thank you so much Carole for this wonderful vase.

Yes, It made me smile♥

Thank you so much dear friends. You'll always in our hearts.


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