his own way

It's been a long time since our dog Max is gone.

It has been sad for a while.

Now. we know that we don't have Max with us. It has been very hard for everyone. But I think my son was having the most hard time. I guess being in his teens. He didn't quite know how to express his feelings. It was very sad to watch him for first few weeks. But as always God heals our hearts and fills it with joy. I guess it's very hard for the boy who is growing emotionally and physically and can't find the perfect balance in between. Even though he had to deal with his grief in his own way.
I'm not sure what is the right way or wrong. But I'm glad he is finding in his heart to give a new love to someone else. New Puppy ♥
As the time passed he was talking about getting a new puppy. He wants the Sheltie just like Max. He got books and DVDs from library and watched DVD of Cesar Millan all day and even finished his book in two days.
Sometimes we left him at home by himself when we had to go to the store around the corner. But he doesn't want to stay home by himself much anymore. We didn't realize right away but he wasn't really by himself when we were out. Max was always there with him.

Jack said " You have to be happy when we get the new puppy. He can feel the negative energy from you Mom " He sound just like Cesar Millan - lol

We have been searching for new puppy. We found a few wonderful breeders and some bad breeders too. But we were blessed enough to find one not too far from here in Fort Loramie. I think my kids will be very happy to see the new puppy.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow. I'm sure our new dog will be happy to meet everyone.


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