WOW. It has been 2 weeks since I was here. Sorry guys.
I didn't realize how fast summer days are gone by.
It has been a wonderful summer so far.
A lot of playing, eating, napping, reading, watching, buying, hugging, looking more eating......
Last weekend there was a Antique show in town.
First we stopped at the Roush's. I haven't been there for 17 years. Believe it or not it was still the same as 17 years ago. I had a sandwich called " Rost beef Hot Shot " It was yummy .
Then we headed up to the antique show.
We walked around everywhere. And we found a lot of good stuff too.
I found some vintage jello tins.
20 some years old hand quilted quilt pieces for $15.

and Christina found some cute charms for her new necklace.

I hope we can do this every weekend like forever :-)


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