Counting our blessings

Now my kids are watching TV and there is a roast and potatoes in the oven for tonight’s dinner. But it wasn’t like that on Sunday night. It was a totally different story.
How much we take everything for granted. I'm utterly humbled by our journey for last 4 days in the dark. Sunday it was like a any other day. But suddenly the wind came from nowhere. The weathermen were saying we would get rain but no one was expecting heavy wind. It was quite a surprise. Wind was blowing 60 MPH for over 6 hours. Roof singles and metal pieces were flying around. Fallen trees were everywhere. Christina said she heard about the wind making a whistling noise but she didn’t know until that day. In Ohio we have bad storms and even tornados but they are unusually very isolated in one community. We were all unprepared for such widespread damage.
I didn’t realize how much a hurricane could effect us all the way up here in Ohio -- over 1,000 miles from Texas. In our area there were over 300,000 homes without power since Sunday. Still there are Over 75,000 homes without power. I heard that 84 of the 88 counties in Ohio had some damage.
Schools were out. Gas was all sold out. There was no water or ice at the grocery store, no batteries for your emergency radio or flash light. Only the McDonalds at the main street had power on Sunday. They said some people waited to get something to eat for a hour and 30 minutes. By Tuesday, the line at the library for using a computer was very long. We were lucky enough to have our power back on Wednesday night. Many still have no water or power. It’s amazing how much we depend on the electricity. I just can’t imagine how people in Texas are coping with there direct impact from Hurricane Ike. Compared to them our few days of a power outage is nothing but an inconvenience. My heart goes out them.
First night was the hardiest. Our Son Jack who is the quite one talked a lot because he was nervous. Christina, the chatty one, didn’t make a peep. We did play a lot of board games. You name it we played them ALL.
Life does have quite a few ups and downs. It makes you appreciate what you have and cherish life’s journey. I think we’ll remember this experience for a long time. We are very blessed in every way. I hope everyone is well . Take care everyone.


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