christina's room

What a day. We cleaned Christina's room.
It's so hard to believe how much little itsy-bitsy things a little girl can save in her room. She is the one who keeps everything. She told me not to throw away anything even if it is just pencil mark on the paper. LOL
I couldn't throw away anything. She was WATCHING ME. I guess in her eyes everything is the treasures. I think she did a wonderful job with her room. So we thought we should share Christina's room with you today.
Ta Dah !
She loves anatomy. Me? not so much.

her horses and hot wheel cars

she organized books by the Authors
she love to display her friends pictures.

she Loves her little treasures.

way too many toys.

don't ask me why the monkey is wearing a diaper. I stopped asking questions a long time ago.

I hope you enjoy the tour.


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