Oh Lord

Oh Dear
Oh My Gosh
No way
I can't believe it
Ha Ha Ha
Are you kidding me?
xxxx xxxx

These are the some of the words that we got to hear at Target this morning.
YEP, We were there. We ( actually I ) woke everyone up at 4: 38 AM and made them get ready for our shopping spree. We left the home around 5:30 AM and headed to the Target. It was amazing to see the line outside the building. We went to the next door to a nearby mall and went back to Target around 6:20. At first the line at the check out wasn't too bad at all.
But WAIT. It wasn't the real line. The real one started from the entrance and ALL THE WAY AROUND THE STORE to 100 feet away from the entrance door. It was an amazing thing to witness. There had to be thousands of people in line. Christina of course wanted to buy her toys she picked out on the sales paper the day before. HA HA NO WAY. We had to leave without any purchase. LOL
It was really fun to see all the people out early in the morning with their Christmas list in one hand and a calculator in the other. It really felt like Christmas is just around the corner.
How about you did you go out to shop this morning? Hope you had a ton of fun like we did.


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