etsy finds

I knew Mr. Owl was wise and handsome but I didn't realize he was Mr. popular too.
It all happened a few days ago. I got a email form Kay - mason dixon knitting. She was kind enough to feature my Owl Linen notebook cover on her blog. And the same day, The Chic Line featured my Clover notebook cover on her Chic blog too. How exciting is that!
I'm utterly happy that a lot of people are generous enough to mention Christina's on their blog. Thank you so much ladies. You are like an energy bar with extra vitamin C. I'm up and going because of your wonderful supports in Hand made.
OH, one more thing. Kay also had exciting news for me too. She was invited to do the Etsy Live Shop tonight @7 and she is planning to mention the Mr. Owl linen book cover. I've never been set through the Live thing on Etsy before but I'll be there tonight no matter what. See you then :-)

Thanks so much for your wonderful creative ideas ladies. I can't wait to try out all the awesome ideas for Christina's Etsy shop.

Mamabliss ! you got the Metal framed hand bag. Hope you enjoy the bag. Thanks again.


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