fabric shack

It's always fun to shop for fabrics 'till you ready to pay for them . right?
Today I managed to make a trip to my favorite fabric shop,
It's about 25 miles away from where we live. It's not a place you would go to every week but I sure love to go once in a while when I have extra time to spare.
I found out about the store about 4 years ago. I knew it was there but I never had a chance to go inside before until then.
The moment I put my foot it the store. I knew it was going to be a very special place for me. I Love the STORE. It looks very old and tiny from the outside but once you go inside, I guarantee you'll spend hours Awwwwing. They have almost everything you can think of.
I remember Syko buys her fabrics on line from this store.
I totally agree. If you are looking for something special or ordinary. Chances are they have one just what you need.
Are you ready to shop for fabric? What are you waiting for. go on !


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