in a million years

Yes, In a million years.

Yesterday morning I checked my email like always. I LOVE the Etsy finds deco by Christine. Anyway, I was looking through the beautiful pictures from Amy's home. and I was like a screaming little kid on Christmas day when I saw this picture from her flickr.
Christina's First sale handbag Coco Patchwork Purse was hanging on the wall.
What a surprise! You know you sometimes wonder where all the sold items go.
I tell you it was a very happy moment.
My husband still talks about the day we had our first sale on Etsy. He tells me how I ran down the stairs on Sunday morning , yelling how we sold out first bag with utter joy and big smile on my face. Yes, That's how it all started. Now I can't stop Etsying.
Thanks again Amy for your great supports in Handmade and Etsy. Thank you :-)


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