Country Living Fair 2009

Country Living Fair. You've done it again. Yeah !!!!
What a wonderful Fair it was. We had a great time :-) Especially Christina.
She was in shopping spree.
They had many great shops and many new shops too.
I got to see a few Etsy sellers in action this time.

fondue vintage

artgoodies and moonforest etsy shop.

I think we spent most of our time waiting to see all the pretty goodies at the McMaster and Storm tent. I had to keep on picking up and put it down and pick up a new pretty thing and turn around and pick up another one....... I wish I could get all of them.

I hope they have 2010 Fair at the same place. I think it's an excellent place to have.
Great location , BIG space, easy to in and out from the Interstate.
We had a great time. I wish you were there with us. It would have been a blast.
Hope to see you next time.


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