Early morning, tip of my nose feels the chill in the air, put on my old red cardigan to start a day. The trees are all bare and noticed the signs for fire wood for sale by the road.
I'm not sure where I was when all this happened. Another year has almost passed by and I'm reading this book again, must be winter is here.
I LOVE this book. Every winter I've been reading the same book for last 19 years. It feels like the first time every time I read it. I love how he tells a day by day story and love the drawings by his wife Elizabeth too. warm and comforting.
Once I map out a plan how to get to Yaak, Montana from Ohio.
I don't think I can visit anytime soon but once in a while I get a glimpse of it from Knitting Iris's blog.
Tell you the truth, I'm NOT a outdoor person. I guess I'm just nostalgic for simple life in the woods even though I know it from bottom of my heart that I can never leap out of the city life. Someday, I hope I have enough courage to try out living in the woods.
When it happens, I think it'll be a good dose of medicine that I need.


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