I don't remember the last time when I saw the bright sun light. It has been gloomy for 6 straight days. I'm not sure how people can be happy who lives in northern hemisphere in winter months. It would be so dreadful to get out of the bed every morning with nothing but the gray sky all around us. I needed something to cheer me up.
Guess what I got for myself to cheer me?
New mugs from Target.
It holds almost 3 cups of coffee. I could almost drink it through out the day no kidding.
Drink some, heat it up again,drink some more .... bathroom break and drink some more ...... still some more to go.
I love our new mugs. It was a great cheer upper thing for me :-)
I just need to bake a BIG 3 layer cholate cake to go with it then it would be perfect.
Even felt like Eeyore for last few days but I managed to finish up a few new bags for Etsy shop. I just hope the sun would come out so I can take some good pictures to show them to you.
Maybe tomorrow. Cross my finger :-)


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