Sweet Buttercup Squash Tea
I know, it sound a bit odd but it's a very good tea.
I got a package form my sister a few weeks ago.
Actually I love all sorts of tea. Anything that keeps me warm and fuzzy inside.
It's not a clear liquid tea. It has more like a butter milk texture. It is very creamy and yet a bit of sweetness of squash in it.

I always loved the Korean Citron Tea. It was my favorite tea when I was growing up. Thinly slice of citrus soaked in honey. It's sweet and sour, lemony yellow tea.
Mmmmm, Makes me want one right now.
My mom used to fixed roasted barley tea and corn tea for us to drink everyday. Like other kids I would rather drink sodas back then but I guess as I got order I love to drink good tea.
I remember attending a tea ceremony class when I was a teenager.
It wasn't an easy class for short temper girls. So many steps to follow and so SLOW. Unfortunately, I don't drink tea like our teacher taught us - sorry :-)
Although, my older sister still loves to follow the tradition once in awhile. Maybe she can show me again how to drink tea someday.
I mean the right way. It would be a wonderful treat.


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