once more

Look at him. Doesn't he look happy !
My husband took this picture of Rex yesterday.
I guess a foot of snow we got last week wasn't enough. We had another snow storm yesterday. Not as much as Washington DC but still enough to close school for two days so kids are in GOOD mood.
I don't think our dog Rex is a sheep dog, he should be an Alaskan sled dog who loves to stay outside in cold weather. If we don't ask him to come in I bet he would stay outside all day. The snow was so deep we couldn't tell if he was doing his "business" or just standing around.
I know kids and dogs stay outside and play because they want to. But I feel sorry for those weather man and woman who have to stay outside and do the reports for NEWS about the winter storm or the street cleaning crew.
Hope this is the last winter storm for this winter.
I woudn't mind 90' heat at all ... about now :-)


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