christina's hair

Can you tell something different about Christina?
Yes, she got a hair cut. the Big One.
She had long hair for almost 4 years. She wanted to cut it short for this summer. My hubby wasn't so sure about her idea but she made up her mind. We heard about the Locks of Love and she was wanted to help by donating her hair for sick children. She checked out the site and found about all the information.
At first we thought it would be too short if she cut 10 inches off but THANKS to Jana. She looks more grown up and adorable :-)
Jana's been cutting Christina's hair since she was baby. Christina wouldn't cut her hair by any other one but Jana. Yes, it's true. It's kind a sweet actually.
Anyway, Christina is very happy that she could help children who is sick and she wouldn't be so hot for this summer.
I know I shouldn't say this because she is our kid but why not.
I think Christina is a very Cool kid.


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