Edward Hopper

The first time when I saw the Edward Hopper 's original painting was about 19 years ago when we went to our local art museum. The admission is free so we went there quite often when we were young and broke.
Anyway they had The High Noon on display. ( courtesy of Dayton Art institute )
It was a such a wow moment.
Tell you the truth, Hopper is my hubby's favorite painter. He just loves his work !
I like it too. I love how he worked with light and shadow. Brilliant !!!
We wanted to bring his painting at home but all we only could afford a small magnet and a desk calendar. But it didn't stop us from enjoying his paintings at home. I put them in frames and hung them up in our hallway.

I know sometimes I forget they are there but sometimes when you noticed them. You can't just walk by.
They have this power to pull you in and make you stay a while.
They are pretty small but they have the mighty power.


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