jam time

Even it was only five 4oz Jelly jars of strawberry jam but it was worth it.
Don't you just love canning!
My favorite part isn't too much of making part. I have to say it's the time when I put all my canned jars in a row and look at them. I feel like accomplish something.
Like an old lady looking at her great great grandchildren .... sort of like that.
It makes me feel awesome good.
One jar for my mother in law, two jars for my sisters and two jars for us. I don't think it will last a week.
Oh well I guess I just have to make some more later :-)
I got the strawberry jam recipe from Apples for Jam cookbook .
It was easy to make it. You should try sometime. I know you will love it too.
* thanks Christina for labeling the jars for me !


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