new top 2

Over the weekend I made some new tops again. I think I'm hooked on sewing clothes this summer. I LOVE it. Especially I love the high colar pleated top. The design is so simple and comfy. I think I can wear it everyday. The other one is a bit bigger and baggy but I think it will be comfortable for summer outing too.
What do you think?
I guess you are wondering why I'm making all these clothes with same material.
Tell you the truth I bought this blue cotton fabric for 39 shoppe and I fell in love with the texture of the cotton fabric. It's so soft and light weight and hold it's shape like no other.
So I went back to store and bought bunch of yards.
While I was sewing, I felt like I was one of the Von Trapp children from the movie Sound of Music. You know when Maria made clothes for Children from her curtains. Everyone wear the same fabric clothes but different style! LOL
Non the less I'm so glad I made some clothes for myself this summer.
there there GOOD JOB Hyein :-)


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