open house

Hello everyone,
I'm sure you have been waiting for a long time and wondering what is this KINOU collection is all about.
It means yesterday in Japanese.

simple things
nothing big nor nothing fancy.
simple life.
going back to yesterday.

As I get older and facing a very big number in few months and I thought I wanted do something that I always wanted do. Create something that I like not from the shoppers perspective. I know it's not a great idea what so ever from Business point of view but I think I have been stalling long enough. I wanted create something that tells about me. Just a small girl with a tiny dream. simple life. It could be the biggest FLOP ever in Etsy history or it could bring me a smile on my face.

collection will be updated on our shop on August 27th, Friday.
10 days to go !
Hope you can come and look around.
Thanks again for your awesome support.


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