first snow

Yesterday we had our fist snow of the season. It was around 20s so it was bit chilly but it was great to see the snow. My sister wasn't too happy about the snow because it came the day after she went back to N.Y. We had great time together during the holidays. A lot of talking, sewing, shopping and eating.
Great to catch up with her even it's only every once a year.
She wouldn't let me take a break.
It was a constant sewing one after another:
pillow cases, blankets, dolls, aprons, pajama pants, checkbook covers ........
I felt like an elf at the Santa's work shop. LOL
Even though it was a lot of sewing, we had fun.
It was good to do things together with her like when we were young.
Now the snow is almost gone and our daily life is back to normal .......

The Christmas and New years will be just around the corner. How the time flies !


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