It's always fun to find a new store and make a visit.  I didn't know if we had such a great Japanese store near by.  Tensuke market.  It is located in northern Columbus.  The store was perfect for me. They had all kinds of things that I wanted but I had a hole in my pocket so I couldn't bring everything that I wanted :-(
I took some pictures of things that my kids picked out from the store.
Can you guess who picked out what? 
It's fun to see how different they are.  
I still don't know why Christina needs 4 sets of chopsticks and why jack needs a Japanese kitchen knife.  Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent cook.  He loves to cook a variety of dishes for us every Friday night but somehow it always makes me nervous to watch him when he uses sharp things even if he is 16 year old man.
Hopefully practice will make him better with HIS new knife.


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