sauerkraut festival

Today we went to the Sauerkraut Festival.
It was our first time visit to the festival.  I heard they were expecting over 35,000 visitors but WOW!  I didn't believe it.  It was like a river of people.  Sorry, I had my camera ready to take a lot of pictures for you but it was hard for us to stop and look around.   Christina was the only one who was fast enough to get in the booth and find things she love.  
She got the Ickebadika bird from Claudia's shop. What a wonderful craftsmanship.
The Ickebadiak bird comes with a sweet story to tell you. Christina picked The Green stripy one for herself.  She hadn't named him yet but it will be a good one.  
And we got to visit The Go jump in the lake shop and Ellembee shop. 
It's always great to see our fellow etsyans in action.  Go ETSY!
I'm not sure if I want to go back next year........  I think I need a good pair of walking shoes if I do.


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