Weekends are so much fun in month of November.
There are a lot of Craft shows to attend and see all the local craftsman's fabulous works.

Look at the Lovely card Christina bought for me.
I love it!   It's from Lilly Pea. 
I don't know about you but I had to have this cute clay acorn ornament.
so rustic and delightful.
OH, MY!!!
This one is my favorite. Actually these are Christina's.
Yes, she has a very keen eye for beautiful things
They are all made by an Old Grandpa. Yes, we call him " Grandpa".
We should ask his name next time we meet him at the craft show.
I think he makes the most awesome creatures ever.
For last, this is Christina's favorite pick of this year by Alyssa.
So tiny and So Cute.
I don't know how some crafters can make tiny things!
It's impossible for me to make small things with my fat fingers.

It's always wonderful to see all the other local Etsy crafters in action.
I can't wait 'till next year. I better save a lot of money!
Hmmm, where did I put away my piggy bank?! 


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