Did you ever feel that when you wake up that you feel like you have to bake something.  

Yep!  Today was that day for me. 
Today I had to make some cranberry-pistachio-biscotti.     

I made them some time ago so it was a good time for me to try out the recipes again. 
The Baking Handbook by Martha Stewart was a Christmas Gift from my friend a few years back.
It's an excellent book for everyone from beginners to experts whoever love to bake.
It never looks like the picture when I make anything but it tasted yummy.  
It takes longer than everyday cookies or muffins but it's worth the time and effort.
 Make yourself a hot cup of Joe and grab two or five biscotties and enjoy your late afternoon.
I promise you, you might think you are on vacation in a small town in Italy.

I think It's time for me to visit the kitchen again.  Talk to you later.


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