Great Smoky Mountains - Cades Cove V

YES! Finally!  

I guess the Forth time visits to G.S.M. was a charm.
We were driving on the trail road with everyone else and we actually  saw three at once!  What a sight!  They did cause a traffic jam (Bear Jam) on the road as everyone stopped to look.

We thought the bear is a mythical animal in the Great Smokys as we had never seen them.
It's real!  We also saw another one cross in front of our car on the The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail that one surprised us an I'm glad we were in the car.
We never saw that many animals in the Mountains not even rabbit or squirrel.
We see more of them in our back yard at home.  We did get lucky this trip.

I'm so glad I had my good telephoto zoom lens with me this time or they would have been just a tiny spot in the picture .
Hope we can go back and see them again  .....  still from a distance :-)


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