Saint Anne's Hill

Over the weekend we had a great time at the Saint Anne's Hill in Dayton.
The whole community was open for garage sale.
What an awesome idea.  

We've been just driving by many, many years but it was our first time to walk around the neighborhood.  
I have to say,  I LOVED IT.  
What a beautifully little neighborhood.   
Lovely old houses, cozy little Gardens in every home, wrought iron fences, flowers and trees everywhere......  
I was amazed.
Although, Christina was busy talking about a Ghost who lives in old houses.

Even with a Ghost's help or not, we found few lovely things.  

                     I got this lovely oil painting for $8 and this tiny pottery for $3.

       This pretty British candy can and this German Holiday Cookie can for $.50 each.

Finally, Christina found this vintage wind up panda bear and this CUTE pooping panda. 
What a GREAT deal!  

I think this was the best garage sale experience I ever had.  What a fun!
I can't wait to go back next time.  
Hope you can make it too.


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