Today we drove all the way up to Lima for lunch at Kewpee.
Just took us over 3 hours round trip for a hamburger but it was a fun trip.
It was kinda weird to see a naked baby doll on the top of the restaurant but we forgot all about it after we got to eat the food.  I have to tell you it's not a three star burger but it was very yummy for my tummy.
I ordered a cheese burger and a slice of Strawberry rhubarb pie.  It was heaven!
So many varieties of pies.  It was a tough choice that I had to make.  But it was the right one indeed.

I wish I can go back there next week but I guess we will just have to save it for a special lunch trip in the future.  Hope you can find one near you.  I'm sure it will be a fun experience!


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