Today my friend came over and handed me a little bag.  It was a gift from her trip.  
She and her kids came back last week from her Korea visit that lasted for two months.  

It's a beautiful figurine where a sister is carrying her little baby brother on her back with her white Korean shoes called Gomusin.  It made me a bit nostalgic. It reminds me of my favorite Korean Artist Kim young hee and her earlier art work.

The little baby carrier called Podaegi is a common thing in Korea.  All the mothers and grandmothers carry their babies on their back and cover them up with Podaegi.

I remember when Christina had a toy Podaegi that she carried her baby dolls on her back when she was little.  I try to carry my kids when they were born but I just couldn't make it work.  I ended up carrying them on my side of hips ......  maybe someday!

Thanks Inyoung!  You are such a sweet friend.


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