In the name of Cath Kidston

Have you read the Posy’s today’s post yet?
It is hilarious. I feel bad how she had to walk with the pain and having troubles with hotel. But It was so funny. I was giggling and laughing. Christina was even looked at me funny. I told her what happen to a poor lady in England. She started laugh. It is amazing what we do things in the name of Cath Kidston. I love her stuff. I adore her pretty rosy things. We read her books over again over again. Put one book by the bed, put one by the living room, put one by the kitchen. We look at the pages and dream of having her rooms as mine. I told my husband when I visit London. I just need to go two places.
Cath Kidston’s shop and Wagamama. Girls got-a shop and eat. That’s All we need right?
I hope she gets feel better. I’m sure all the pain and suffering will become a wonderful memories every time when she looks at her gorgeous green blanket.


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