What a day. It was a great day today. My daughter Christina wanted to go to the zoo so we all went to the Columbus Zoo this morning. We thought it might rain but it turned out to be good weather. It was a bit cloudy so it wasn’t too hot. We noticed that they added the new Asian section. It was so neat. Christina had the most fun. She fed Parrots some nectar, brushed a Goat, and touched a snake and more. We saw a lot of fun stuff too.

Did you ever saw a orangutan with a security blanket? This orangutan had a bed sheet as his security blanket. It was so cute. The gorillas were fascinating. They were all calmly eating when one that was inside screeched. The ones we were watching didn’t like that at all. They all stopped eating and they covered their ears. That was very interesting.

I took a picture of a goat at the petting zoo. I think he is the most handsome goat I ever saw. Don’t you agree? I love the Zoo. I wish we lived a bit closer so we can go there more often. I think my kids will love it.


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