All dressed up and pretty

It was my first time I made felt-cotton blankets for a horse but it was a fun project. They are Christina's Breyers horses. Actually most of them are belonged to my husband. They are over 30 years old. He was very good with toys when he was a little boy. He still have a proud collections of Tinker toys, Stuffed animals from 60', all the Richard Scary's books (ones that has old lines and drawing )..... Me? No way. I wasn't too good with toys. I remember cutting my Barbie's hair so short you can see the stitch lines on her head. Maybe that's why I don't have any old toys with me today. I hope I can save all of my kids toys so someday when they have kids of their own I would like to them to play with it. I think it will be wonderful. It reminds me of Antic Road show. Maybe it will be worth a millions. Just a dream. :-)

Yesterday was a good mail day. I joined a Flickr group a few weeks ago and signed up for a August fat quarters swap. It was my first time but I loved it. I think I will do it again and again. These are from my swap partner Kelly. You should join the group. Just browse the pictures or swap the fabrics either way I'm sure you will have fun. Thanks again Kelly for a wonderful FQ swap.


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