A+ day

I had the most fun day ever yesterday, I think.
We started with going to the Lake Erie for a day trip. We found a lighthouse that looked interesting. It called Marblehead Lighthouse. It was built in 1822. It was a simple house but it showed it’s age.

It all started great. We heard a brief history from a park keeper. We all signed up to go up to the top of the light house. That was a problem.
OK, I admit it. I have a Acrophobia.
I don’t know when it all started but I just don’t like heights. Anyway, I thought to myself it was no biggie, it is not really that tall. I can go up there and see the gorgeous view. Big Mistake! The guide told us that it will be allow to have only one way trip. You are on the way to go up you have to go up to the top. I was about a 1/3 way up and I looked down and I just froze.
I know “Never look down“.

I didn’t realize you can see down thru tiny holes on the steps of the spiral stair case. I started sweat. I couldn’t do anything. My husband and my kids were behind me following. It was a nightmare. My husband ( My Knight in Shinning Armor) came to me and holding Christina’s hand and my hand and guided us to the top. It was a quite a scene. Somehow we all made to the top. I think there are about 25 people on the top of the light house. They asked me not to block the entrance so I had to step out side. I don’t know how long. We had to wait there until all the people have come up. Coming down was little bit better. My husband took Christina’s hand my son held my hand and we walked down the staircase. Finally we all came down safely. We all started laugh. I know if you think about it’s so stupid. There is NO way you can fall thru the Iron stair case. The mind is a very strange thing. I don’t mind flying or going up the Empire State Building. It just gets me when I can see the possibility of falling. I think my family had more fun watching me. My husband said we are a good team because I have Acrophobia. He has Claustrophobia. We can get out of any danger as long as we are not stuck in a box in the high places.

I think we will remember our trip for a long time to come -- in a funny way.


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