Summer Fishing

Although we go fishing often, it’s been a long time since we caught a fish. I think they are on vacation too. We started fishing last spring. I never fished before. I’d rather eat it than catch it. We never keep the fish. All we do is catch and release. It is still fun though if you don’t catch anything. I think my husband is getting tired of not catching any fish for few weeks. He even got a recipe for the bait to catch Catfish. We used some ground beef and some cheese crackers. It‘s a tiny meatballs. It was like a cooking show on the Outdoor Channel. Even all these efforts haven’t helped us catch a single fish these last two weeks.
Now my husband thinks we need a boat to catch a fish. They have to have bigger toys right? I’m beginning to see that pattern from my son. It’s not a Hot Wheels anymore. He is picking out a new cars that he will drive in four years. I guess it’s true that the difference between a man and a boy is the price of their toys. I think we will try fishing a couple more time before school starts. Hopefully with better luck.


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