Yum Yum Summer

We got some carrots yesterday. Christina said she wants to eat them like a rabbit? So we got a bunch of carrot with leaf on them. While I was washing them I found this tiny carrot. Can you see it? It’s so tiny!
I think I will make some carrot cake muffins today. I got a recipe form here.
I think it will be yummy. Now the summer break is over so I don’t have a dessert chef (my son) who will make a wonderful treats for me. So I guess I have to roll up my sleeves and bake things around here.
Oh have you guys tried
Abby’s Summer fruit crisp?
She has a recipe on her blog. Actually I don’t like oatmeal. I do like it for breakfast but not for baking. But I was wrong! When I made it for the first time. It was awesome. Even my husband liked it. I end up making the crisp four time throughout the summer. I tried with just blueberries, some raspberries and some blackberries.
I think I like the blackberries the best. So go ahead bake some Abby’s Summer fruit crisp today. The summer isn’t over yet. I’m sure you will love them.
Thanks Abby!


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