good things

Today I was chatching up the blog reading as my daily routine and I noticed Ilona from beadinnora went to see the Northern Ballet Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream. It sounded so wonderful.
I don't get to go to see the ballet, plays nor opera as much as I used to now a days. I think it will be a wonderful escape from everything even it will last only for a few hours. Just sit and watch and fall into it even you can only afford a nose bleed seat.
Anyway whole thing about the ballet reminds of this " Dying Swan by Trocadero". I remember watching it on PBS a long time ago. It was so funny. I thought you might get a laugh or two for a day.

And one more thing. I think you have to see the pictures that Krista took by the sea dock. They are just breath taking. Wonderful job Krista : )


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