My poor Boy

My son Jack got his braces yesterday. YEP. He has mouthful of wire. It took about an hour to put the braces in but he seems to be doing OK with it. When he got home he couldn't eat anything. My poor boy was so hungry. Only thing he could eat was some chicken star soup and a milkshake. I hope he can get use to it soon enough to eat regular food.
Did you see all the cleaning tools from the doctor? I think It will take him at least 10 minutes when every time when he cleans his teeth. I don't like to bug him everyday to do a good job on his brushing but after I've seen the pictures of the rotten teeth that was caused by not brushing properly - Yes they show them to you. I think I have to be a nagging mom for next 2 years or I can make my husband to be a bad guy. Yes! maybe I will do that so I will always be a WONDERFUL? mom. right?


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