new fabrics

It has been a chilly, windy day here. It gets so cold in the morning. It takes me extra time to just get myself out of the bed. Luckily, my husband is my alarm clock. Without him I could sleep for days. I can sleep through the tornado, thunderstorm, fire truck .......
Thank you Mr Alarm Clock. You save me every morning :-)

Anyhow, for the last few days it has been fun for me. I've been sewing a bit. Yes!!!! I'm back to my sewing machine. I always get this cozy feeling when I make something with my hands. It's always hard to decide what to make. I want to make so many things. Bags, purses, quilts, pillow covers, table linens, shirts, skirts, slippers, pouches,cushion covers.........

Where are all the Oompa Loompas when I need them.

I hope someday I can finish all the things I would like to make. But I'm definitely , positively, surely, absolutely, undeniably, unmistakably sure that I'll NEVER stop wanting to make more. There will be always something NEW things for me to put my hands on. It's an obsession.

Yes, I admit it. I have OCD (Obsessive CRAFTING Disorder ) Anyone? Hope I'm not the only one. Desperately seeking HELP :-)

Gotta go. It's that time again. Play with my fabric time. Yippee


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