paper + pen

Today I finished some of the Moleskine notebooks for our Etsy shop. I made some in November and I had a great time. I love how the notebook feels in my hand. Whenever I use it I feel like I'm in a small coffee shop in London and sitting and writing something romantic and meaningful.........
the answers to life
Oh well, I'm still in the kitchen table and writing down the grocery list but someday it can happen right? LOL

By the way, Can you see the Feather Pen? My son Jack found this feather on the lake shore in few years ago. It was in his desk for a long time just sitting. And one day I was Etsying and I found this. I just tide them together with thick thread. Vuala ! I love it.
I used to love using a Fountain pen. I always manage to get the ink on my fingers but I loved how it writes thick and thin lines like a paint brush.
Sadly my kids don't know the fountain pen nor how to use the typewriter, the Card catalog, what it feels like to get a hand written letters by mail, why we had to flip the cassette tapes every 30 minutes........ Don't get me wrong I love new age technology.
I guess I'm just nostalgic in a way.
Hope someone can enjoy the notebook and a day dreaming like me.


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