high and normal

98' 102' 103' 100' 99'

It's always hard when kids get sick. Our son Jack was always been a odd sick person.
Yes ODD. Whenever he gets sick HE IS REALLY SICK. It was never been a day thing. Always been a week long trip. It all started on Tuesday. Missing three days of school wasn't so fun after all fallowed by high fever, chills, cough, vomit......
I'm very lucky that my husband knows how to make kids feel better when they are sick.
He is an awesome dad.

I'm glad he is well enough to go back to school today.
Although, I've been waiting by the phone all day just in case school nurse calls me.
but so far so good. That's a wonderful news.
I guess yummy meso soup did the trick :-)
While I was waiting I managed to do some embroidery for Chrstina's Etsy shop.
I'll show them to you next time. I promise.


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