christina's library

What did you buy at the book store?
What is a Library kit?
Is it for me for Christmas?


Now you know what Christina got for Christmas.
A Personal Library Kit.
The surprise wasn't there when she opened up the box on Christmas day but she was very excited to use it. In honor I got to be the first one to borrow books from her new library. My first book was " Everything on a Waffle" that she got for Christmas from Grandma. What a sweet story. It's some what sad but I was very excited to see Primrose make it through all the ups and downs of the tragedy with her friends and family.

And I was very prompt so I didn't have to pay any late fees to Christina. LOL

Anyway, while I was reading the book I read the paragraph and I noticed that she talks about the Smarties candy Machine. I was very excited because a few days ago Christina got a box of Smarties form her Canadian friend for her Holiday trip from Canada.

The Life is always FUN when you have a tiny excitement. Even if it's only a small box of candy.


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