dirt + bread

Looking at the blooming daffodils gave me a smile even in this cold and gloomy winter.
Over the weekend I bought 2 small pots of daffodils for $5 and when I got home I put all of them in one big milk glass pot from my collection.
I love to use milk glass wares whenever I can, basically ALL the time.
I guess my favorite piece is the round cake stand.
If there is a cake on that stand you will know that today is a very special day .
Someday, when I have a big empty wall for myself I would love to display all of my milk glass collections. I think It'll be the most beautiful wall in the house :-)

Anywho, Winter night !
You got to have a warm freshly baked bread on the dinner table. Right?
I used Alicia's method and went ahead and made two loafs at once.
Warm bread and melting butter.....yummmmm. I can't wait for dinner.
I think it will be perfect with Martha's meatloaf tonight.
I'm getting very hungry!
What time is it?


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